Negation in Darija

How to use Negation in Darija or the “NOT” word.

unlike “Not” in english, in darija Also we use Negation by adding a letter in the begging and an other at the end. “ma” “م” in the beging of the word and “ch” “ش” at the end.

khadam = Working
MAkhadamCH = Not Working

we have a proverbe say “start with MA you live happy” “سبق الميم تعيش هاني” , means all the time start with not to live happy, like I don’t know, I don’t have, …

some example of negation

EnglishDarijaMoroccanEn NegationDr NegationMoroccanEn synonym Dr synonym
talltawilطويلnot tallMAtwilCHماطويلشshortksir
comingjayجايnot comigMAjayCHماجايش
redhemerحمرnot redMAhemerCHماحمرش
HightaaliعاليNot hightMAaaliCHماعاليش
SleepingnaaessناعسNot sleepingMAnaaessCHماناعسشawakefayek

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